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The Tallest Man Lifts of All Time

One of the things that makes Bronto Skylift so unique compared to other aerial man lift manufacturers is that it holds the world record for the tallest man lift. Bronto Skylifts’ range of F-HLA models have units that can extend up to 112 meters, which equates to over 367 feet, with a horizontal reach of roughly 103 feet.

Like all Bronto models, the F-HLA’s are exceptionally safe, easy to set up, and include optional features to help workers accomplish a range of different tasks. Here are just a few of the benefits you get when you choose to go with Bronto:

  • Setup and disassembly takes just 15 minutes each time.
  • Stabilizing outriggers keep the unit from tipping over.
  • Truck-mounted Brontos can be driven onto the worksite (do not need to be towed).
  • Integrated water, electrical, and air from inside the basket.
  • Turntable rotation of 360 degrees.

The F-HLA’s were designed to lift firefighters and rescue teams making calls to high-rises and skyscrapers. The fast setup time allows emergency responders to react quickly to even the most difficult rescue situations.

Bronto Skylift: Offering Some of the Tallest Heights in the World

Bronto Skylift’s man lifts offer some of the tallest heights of any equipment provider in the US. The Bronto Skylift 295 HLA, available for rent and for sale through Kardie Equipment, reaches 295 feet, making it our tallest boom lift. Our other Bronto Skylift models can reach some impressive heights too. Here’s a run-through of all our options:

Benefits of Using Bronto for Your Construction, Oil Refinery or Power Project

At Kardie Equipment, we rent and sell Bronto Skylifts because we think they are simply the best aerial work platforms available. Their models feature exceptional reach, but there’s more to them than just height. Here are a few other notable features:

  • Insulated models available
  • Battery backup operation system
  • Manual emergency bleed off system
  • Extendable platforms
  • Integrated wind speed indicator
  • Integrated water, electricity and air

Our sales team is happy to help you select the model and optional features that will meet your project’s needs. We even offer training and can dispatch expert operators to your project site if needed. 

Kardie Equipment’s Brontos Are Now Available Through United Rentals

We’re excited to announce that Kardie Equipment has partnered with United Rentals, which means you can now rent or purchase one of our Brontos through your United Rentals representative. They’ll even help you set up training and work with us to schedule one of our operators so you can complete your project on time and in the safest, most efficient way possible.

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