All of HOLT Aerial’s Bronto Skylifts improve operational performance and efficiency at challenging heights and environments. The easy maneuverability of our trucks allows for quick on-site delivery and positioning. With advanced controls and one-button automatic leveling of the outriggers, the trucks can be set up and elevated up to the overhead area in a matter of minutes.

The configuration of our work platforms combine extreme reaches with a wide selection of additional features. Several of our trucks also include an extendable working cage up to 10 feet wide, and include integrated electricity, air pressure, and water connections. Other unique features of our truck-mounted platforms include a generator, pressure washer, and water tank.

The safety features of all HOLT Aerial Brontos have been optimized by continuous development and time-tested in the toughest conditions of our customers. Standard safety features include:

  • Bronto+ control system and easy overall maneuverability enable smooth, accurate and safe entering close to the operating target
  • Rigid work platform permanently attached to the telescopic boom allows safe operation in windy conditions (even at speeds of over 25mph)
  • Intercom between the work platform and ground
  • Cage load sensor and overload alarm
  • Wind speed indicator and alarm
  • Two emergency descent systems (for example, if fuel runs out)
  • Interlocks prevent the lifting of the booms until the outriggers have ground pressure and the unit is leveled correctly
  • Emergency stop functions from the work platform, ground control, and outrigger control center
  • Twin cylinders on the main boom enhance sideways stability and safety. A shorter cylinder design also increases storage space on the decking.

HOLT Aerial’s S295 HLA High-Level Articulated Range Bronto ensures efficient and safe operations with extremely challenging high-rise installations like antennas, generators, flare tips, and other unique applications over 180 feet in height. These units include the world’s highest truck-mounted access platforms which offer maximum vertical and horizontal outreach combined with the best height to weight ratio on the market. This gives secure stability and eases maneuverability in different conditions and environments.

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