The Bronto Skylift 230 XDT aerial work platform is our second-tallest model, clocking in at 230 feet (70 meters). Most often used in the construction and utility industry, the 230 is an excellent choice for those needing to reach tall electrical lines and towers. And with its horizontal reach capabilities, it’s a great option on construction projects that need to get up and over different structures. All 230s in our rental fleet are mounted on Mack Granite chassis.

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Key Features:

  • 70 meters or 235 ft of vertical reach
  • Working platform is 3 ft x 7 ft in transport position and can be extended to 3 ft x 10 ft
  • Integrated water, electricity and air
  • All steer axles and crab capability
  • Meets emissions laws for all states — including CA


Working envelope

Technical Data Sheet


Max Working Height: 70 meters / 230 ft
Max Outreach: 32 meters / 105 ft
Max Up: 48 meters / 158 ft
Max Over: 25 meters/ 82 ft
Max Basket Capacity: 680 K / 1450 lbs


Transport: 40 ft L x 8.5 ft W
Outrigger Footprint: 27 ft L x 27 ft W
Gross Weight: 75,000 lbss
Standard Platform: 7.5 ft L x 3 ft W
Extendable Platform: 10 ft L x 3 ft W


  • Electricity: 1100 watts with 110 volt at platform level
  • Compressed Air: 5/8 Pneumatic Airline plumbed to platform level
  • Voice on Command intercom
  • Extendable platform
  • Battery backup operation system
  • Manual emergency bleed off system

Working Envelope

Working Envelope

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