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About Bronto Skylifts

Man lifts. Aerial work platforms. Boom lifts. Bucket trucks. Telescopic booms. Hydraulic platforms.

No matter what you call them, they’re a necessary tool for workers and teams in all different kinds of industries. But while the purpose of these lifts is to raise workers to extreme heights, not all of them operate the same way.

Here at HOLT Aerial, we believe you deserve the very best equipment available on the market. The right tool for the job. That’s why the truck-mounted aerial work platforms (AWP) we Rent, Lease, Sell, Maintain, and offer Training for are manufactured exclusively by global industry leader Bronto Skylift.

Finland-based Bronto Skylift has manufactured aerial trucks for the past 50 years. They are widely used across Europe and we were the first to bring them to North America 10 years ago. Their equipment features next-generation technology, forward thinking engineering and quality craftsmanship that has broken world records and made Brontos some of the highest aerial platforms on the market. Brontos have become a top-tier choice among various industries in 120 different countries. With models ranging from 50 feet up to 367 feet, Bronto has an AWP to suit your project needs, regardless of the industry.

The company’s advanced engineering and unrivaled safety standards have earned them trust among firefighters and rescue teams who put their lives on the line every day to save the lives of others. It’s why we’re confident that you’ll feel good about choosing a Bronto, ensuring a safe lift and return every time.

What Makes Brontos Better Than Other Truck Mounted Lifts and Platforms?

When you’re that high up in the air, you’re in a life-or-death situation. You need an aerial work platform (AWP) that has passed the strictest standards of both efficiency and safety.

But not all AWPs are the same. Bucket trucks, cherry pickers, cranes, scissor lifts, JLG’s and Genie’s have a limited reach that restricts the amount of work you can do and how safely you can do it. They also lack the innovative safety standards to give you complete peace of mind in any working situation.

Bronto Skylifts on the other hand, have been continuously developed and time-tested in the most rigorous conditions, across a wide variety of industries, making them durable enough to last for years and safe enough to handle your materials and team of workers. Their long list of cutting-edge features makes them the safest and most reliable equipment on the market. See for yourself why so many others choose Bronto.

Efficient and Reliable
  • 15 minute setup! Drive on-site, extend outriggers, un-cradle basket and be up at working height in just 15 minutes.
  • 7 foot basket than extends out to 10 feet with up to 1400 pounds of capacity.
  • Movable controls and operator station in basket for access on any side of basket.
  • In-basket integrated power, water and air lines. Electric or pneumatic tools, water for power washing or fresh air supply for hazmat conditions.
  • Continuous 360-degree rotation with smooth telescopic boom sleeve extension.
  • Tallest fleet in North America —14 of our 23 Bronto units extend up to 295 feet.
  • Superior quality—Brontos were built to last for 20 years or more.

Guaranteed Safety, even in inclement weather conditions
  • A multi-battery backup system gives peace of mind when you’re up in the air.
  • Outrigger automatic leveling regardless of changing ground conditions.
  • Voice-activated basket-to-ground intercom system for added safety.
  • Safe and stable operation in high winds up to 31 mph.
  • Brontos feature multiple innovative safety features, including:
    • Multiple tie-off points in basket each with 200 KG capacity
    • Cage load sensor and overload alarm
    • Proximity sensor when working near objects and structures
    • Wind speed indicator and alarm
    • Two emergency descent systems
    • Interlocks that prevent the lifting of the booms until the outriggers have ground pressure and the unit is leveled correctly
    • Emergency stop functions from the work platform, ground control, and outrigger control center
    • Twin cylinders on the main boom, which enhance sideways stability and safety
    • Shorter cylinder design also increases storage space on the decking

HOLT Aerial Meets Rigorous Standards.

HOLT Aerial holds one of the highest safety records and EMR ratings in the industry.

All HOLT Aerial operators receive extensive training (both in-classroom and on-site) to match or exceed the criteria of Bronto Skylift. Training includes emergency procedures, troubleshooting tactics, and safe practices for operating and driving.

Bronto equipment is fully certified by ANSI 92.2, the American National Standards Institute. This includes a comprehensive annual inspection of each of our trucks for structural components and safety standards.

Emergency Preparedness
  • Two man crew ALWAYS: 1 operator in basket and 1 operator on ground for safety
  • Redundant backup operating systems and two emergency descent systems give peace of mind
    • Backup battery systems in the unlikely event truck runs out of diesel fuel
    • Manual bleed-down lever in basket
Optional Features to Meet the Demands of Any Project

In addition to the convenience and safety you get with any Bronto Skylift, our rentals include optional features to help workers tackle even the most rigorous jobs. 

  • Insulated baskets. Keep energy and utility workers safe with a fully insulated work platform.
  • Extendable platform. Some Bronto Skylift models have the option to extend the platform to reach up to 10 feet to give you more flexibility to maneuver to hard-to-reach spaces.
  • Voice intercom system. Communicate seamlessly between workers in the air, operators, and those on the ground.
  • Integrated wind speed indicator. Let workers know instantly when conditions become unsafe.
  • Remote diagnostic systems. Our team at HOLT Aerial can remote into your Bronto Skylift to help you detect and fix problems with your unit.
  • Automatic outrigger leveling. Set up your boom lift safely, even on uneven terrain. 
  • Remote control boom functions. Make it easier for workers to get where they need to in order to do their jobs.

Safety & Efficiency Comparison Chart


Renting, leasing, or buying an aerial work platform is one of the most important investments you’ll make for your business. Do it the right way—safely and efficiently—with Bronto Skylifts from HOLT Aerial.