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Why Are Bronto Skylifts a Good Substitute for Scaffolding?

Scaffold-HireIt’s not just those in the construction industry that need to be lifted up during a typical workday. Workers in many different industries—from electrical transmission and distribution to oil and gas to telecommunications, aviation, and entertainment—need a method of access that reaches uncommon heights to complete their work. 

Regardless of your industry, one thing remains a constant: you want safe, durable, and reliable equipment that will get the job done and protect the workers who operate that equipment time and time again.

Scaffolding has long been used as a method to scale to dangerous heights—but it’s not the best option. Here’s why Bronto Skylifts are a good substitute for scaffolding.



If you’re using scaffolding and ladders to complete your work, you could be putting yourself or your team members in unnecessary danger. That’s because scaffolding isn’t stable in windy conditions, which increases the chances of a worker fall. In fact, in 2010, scaffolding accidents accounted for seven percent of the 640 work-related fatal falls that year — roughly 48 deaths in a single year. This is the very reason why operating them requires extra personnel to supervise, along with routine safety checks.

Bronto Skylifts, on the other hand, give you peace of mind that you and your workers are protected, no matter how high you go, and no matter the wind conditions—Bronto Skylift baskets can even safely withstand winds up to 31 mph! Because the baskets on the end of the booms are stable and offer multiple tie-off points to attach the harnesses, you can get the job done without worrying about unnecessary risks.


When you’re working job after job after job, time is money. That’s why scaffolding actually burns holes in your pockets, because just erecting the scaffolding itself can take weeks if not  months—and so can dismantling it all. As an extra consequence, workers are raised to precarious heights for longer periods of time, which increases the exposure and chance of injury. Not to mention the manpower and rental fees that factor in, making this an undesirable investment.

If you need a fast, safe and convenient way to set up and get the job done, look no further than a Bronto Skylift. Unlike scaffolding, these aerial work platforms (AWPs) can be set up and ready to go in just 15 minutes, which gives you more time to get the job done. They’ve got a higher reach, too—Bronto Skylifts can reach vertically and horizontally, with extensions ranging from 150 to an impressive 295 feet.

Plus, Bronto Skylifts take up far less space than the average scaffolding structure, so they’re safer to use in high traffic areas where they won’t block roads unnecessarily or for extended periods of time.


There’s a reason why scaffolding takes so long to set up and dismantle. It’s huge and complex, which means you waste lots of time on setup and tear-down, which also slows down even the start of job.. A Bronto Skylift, however, is truck-mounted, so you can easily drive it to and from your worksite. Plus, Bronto Skylifts feature convenient multipurpose use. They can support and power tools in the baskets, so you won’t have to worry about hanging cords and hoses that can cause a potential safety risk. And with an on-board pneumatic supply, you’ll have all the power you need in one convenient location.


What do you do with your equipment during extreme weather, a delayed job, or even a worker shortage? If you have scaffolding, the cost of leaving it up in place—or to dismantle it temporarily—means your costs continue to rise even when there isn’t any work being done, wasting time and money for your business. But with a Bronto Skylift, you can have your entire setup dismantled in the event of an emergency—in mere minutes—and save on unnecessary downtime, too.

Here at Kardie Equipment, our Bronto Skylifts have passed the strictest standards of safety and efficiency, earning the trust of countless industries, from T&D to oil and gas to construction. If you’re in the market to rent, lease, or buy a safe, reliable aerial work platform for your work site, you’ve come to the right place.

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