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Why Are Bronto Skylifts a Good Substitute for Cranes?

If your job requires you to be lifted to heights during a typical workday, you’ve probably used a crane and man-basket at one point or another. But working at such tall heights can be dangerous if you’re not using equipment that can offer guaranteed protection.

Unfortunately, although a crane is known for being able to lift incredibly heavy loads, it’s not the safest option with which to trust the safety of you and your workers. It’s not the most efficient, either. 

Have we caught your attention yet?

Kardie Equipment is the global market leader in aerial work platforms (AWPs) at heights of 150 feet and above, and we sell only Bronto Skylifts. Based in Finland, Bronto has been manufacturing their AWPs for more than 50 years, featuring inventive technology that has broken world records as the highest aerial platforms.

Ready to find out why Bronto Skylifts are a good substitute for cranes? Read on to find out why Bronto AWPs have earned the trust of countless industries, from electrical transmission and distribution to oil and gas to construction—and why it’s time to replace your outdated crane for something safer, more powerful, and more efficient.

Bronto AWPs Keep Your Workers Safe—Guaranteed

It’s no secret that cranes aren’t the safest solution for your construction equipment needs. In fact, the Health and Safety Executive found that crane-related injuries were most commonly due to issues related to dismantling, erecting, or extension. Another study found that cranes were the cause of 220 deaths from 2011 to 2015.

We know that the safety of your workers and team is the number one priority on any job, and that’s why we’re so proud of the fact that Kardie Equipment holds one of the highest safety records and EMR ratings within the industry. After all, Bronto Skylifts are specifically designed to meet all North American DOT regulations, ANSI standards, and OSHA requirements.

It’s no wonder that firefighters and rescue teams consistently entrust the safety of their workers to the Bronto Skylift name. The top-tier engineering of Bronto keeps workers safely working at heights of 295 feet, and even in winds up to 31 mph! With a stable basket, and emergency back-up systems integrated into the four on-boarding computer systems, you and your workers can get your job done safely and easily. 

A Bronto Makes Your Job Easier

Cranes are known for doing the heavy lifting, but they take days or even weeks to set up—and just as long to dismantle once the job is complete.

Bronto AWPs, on the other hand, can be running at full height within just 15 minutes, which means you save big—not just on time, but on money for equipment rentals, too. Unlike cranes, Bronto AWPs can reach horizontally and vertically—in fact, 14 of the 23 Bronto models extend up to 295 feet, with the other models able to reach below-ground up to 150 feet.

Best of all, Bronto AWPs from Kardie Equipment make your life on the work site easier by streamlining various needs into one convenient solution. That’s because many of our Brontos feature extendable platforms (from 7 feet out to 10 feet) and all the units in the fleet can power electric tools, water & air supplies, and pneumatic tooling. They also feature a voice on command intercom, a battery backup operation system, and a manual emergency bleed off system. With all systems contained in one central spot, your job takes less time and effort overall.

Safety Comparison Chart

Looking for the Ultimate Convenience in Your AWP? Look No Further Than a Bronto Skylift

When you’re constantly changing locations for each new job, you want an AWP that can move with you. All the HLA 295 Bronto Skylifts are mounted on six-axle all-terrain all-drive chassis, which make them safe and reliable enough to be driven on and off road, so that you can easily transport them wherever you need to go at a moment’s notice. And because each Bronto can support and power electric tools, water supplies, and pneumatic systems, everything you need to do your job well is centrally located in one convenient place.

Need to rent, lease, or buy a Bronto for your work site? Request a quote for more information. No matter what your industry, we’ve got you covered with AWPs to lift you safely and efficiently every single time.


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