Planned Preventive Maintenance (PPM) is a type of scheduled maintenance activity that is planned and documented, and it involves repairing assets before they have time to fail or malfunction. Usually PPM involves regularly examining, inspecting, testing, and adjusting the asset in question so that it remains operational for as long as possible, without any unplanned and inconvenient downtime.

There are a few basic steps that every maintenance team should take when performing preventive maintenance. The first is to prepare all materials. You should consider investing in a software that will organize all of the involved resources (e.g. labor, parts). It’s also advisable to take an inventory of all assets on site and determine what kind of maintenance is going to be needed in the future, and when said maintenance should be scheduled. Next is to train the staff and test the strategy, by ensuring that the entire maintenance team is on board with their responsibilities. The last component is to build a planned maintenance checklist and track maintenance KPIs (key performance indicators), to identify what works about the maintenance plan and what can be improved while the plan is being executed. A crucial piece to all of this is to continuously encourage those involved to provide honest, constructive feedback throughout the entire process. That way you can ensure continuous systematic improvement.

The whole purpose of PPM is to become a more proactive job site, as opposed to a reactive one. But there are a number of other benefits too, like reducing the equipment’s rate of deterioration, improving overall production quality, avoiding any unplanned work stoppage, and increasing employee safety. All of these benefits encompass what it means to have a positive and productive work environment.

PPM is also great for developing organizational systems overall. The process used to build the strategy provides a good framework for maintenance work and large projects in the future. It helps to optimize all labor and resources to make a cohesive unit overall.

bronto-s90hlaA lot of the equipment going through preventive maintenance is large and cumbersome, and some of it is even 200 or 300 feet in the air! That’s when you need to take advantage of the impressive Bronto Skylift reach. Give your maintenance workers the access they need to perform the regular PPM processes needed. And with HOLT Aerial’s flexible rental program, it’s easy to fit Brontos into the maintenance schedule when they are needed the most.

HOLT Aerial has a number of Bronto units in the rental program, and all of them would be hugely beneficial to any work site planning a preventive maintenance program. Download our Bronto E-Book by clicking the link below, and you’ll get an in-depth look at the specs and features of each model that HOLT Aerial has to offer.

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HOLT Aerial ensures that PPM best practices are followed for each and every unit. This is just one component of Kardie K.A.R.E.S., a comprehensive program that gives each customer unparalleled service. The program consists of five essential pieces:

  • Key performance maintenance - predictive and proactive quarterly and annual maintenance to minimize downtime in the field
  • Advanced aerial training program - certified Bronto pilot and operator training course, annual on-site recertification with flexible classes and a mobile facilitator available
  • Remote diagnostic capabilities - online geo-telematics that enable our technicians to remotely diagnose your Bronto from anywhere
  • Efficient parts guarantee - robust and timely OEM parts inventory with knowledgeable technicians to send the right part the first time
  • [Customer] service commitment - open communication with escalation protocol to leadership, mobile service, and 24/7 support

The goal of the program is to replace the part before it fails in the field and causes you excessive downtime. Since we proudly operate our own fleet of Bronto Skylifts we have the predictive analysis over the last decade to determine the best maintenance intervals on a quarterly (on-site) and annual (Abilene, TX facility) basis. Our OEM certified technicians will help keep your machine running by offering remote diagnostic capabilities through wireless connectivity to your Bronto from anywhere in the world.  The uptime of your machine is paramount to our team and with technicians stationed geographically all over the country we can provide on-site service within 72 hours, but live call center support 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

To learn more about Kardie K.A.R.E.S., contact our sales team by clicking the button below.

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Take the steps today to make your work site safer, more efficient, and more reliable than ever by renting a Bronto Skylift aerial work platform with HOLT Aerial.


Thanks to Fiix, Life Cycle Engineering, and MaintWhiz for help with this informative article.