Oftentimes, projects are postponed or completely derailed due to weather conditions. Some of them can’t really be helping - lightning, for example. But what about high winds? Wouldn’t it be great if projects could continue despite wind speeds of 25 mph +? What sounds like an impossible task is entirely feasible with the Bronto Skylift.

Bronto Skylifts are so stable and safe when uncradled that they are able to work in wind speeds up to 31 miles per hour. And with the incredible boom stability and secured basket harnesses, you never have to worry about the safety of your workers when they are up almost 300 feet in the air. They can also keep an eye on the wind speed with the built-in anemometer (wind speed indicator) in each basket.


Safety of course is the number one priority. If wind speeds reach higher than 31 mph, the Bronto’s safety measures are activated and the basket will be lowered to the ground. And because Brontos only take 15 minutes to go from fully extended to cradled, you’ll have your team down and out of danger very quickly.

OSHA does not believe that anyone should be doing any material handling in wind speeds higher than 30 miles per hour, “unless the employer takes precautions to protect employees from the hazardous effects of the wind”. By renting a Bronto from our rental fleet for your material handling project, you are adhering to OSHA requirements and taking precautions to protect your employees.You can easily make your project safer for your employees and more efficient overall. Contact us today to discuss your access needs.

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