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How Kardie Equipment Is Helping Lift Operators Receive Better Training


Aerial Work Platform Training: The Key to Keeping Workers Safe and Efficient on the Job

The thought of stepping onto an aerial work platform can be scary for many workers. After all, not only do they scale to perilous heights, but they’re constantly moving, too, which poses a number of potential risks. That’s added stress that you just don’t need at your work site.

When your job requires near daily use of an aerial work platform to raise you or the employees you manage to working heights, safety is on the line. Safety results are measured and important to all companies in today's world.  That’s why you want to be certain that 1) you’re working from the safest and most reliable AWP and 2) everyone using that equipment has been properly trained and certified by the manufacturer.

Here at Kardie Equipment, safety is the cornerstone of our business, which is why we’re proud that our Bronto Skylifts are the safest in the industry and we hold one of the highest EMR ratings within the industry. But it’s not just our equipment that meets rigorous standards and sets us apart from the rest. We have the strictest guidelines for operator training, too. Here’s why our training for AWPs sets us apart, ensuring you and your workers are safe—every single time. 

Why Is Kardie Equipment the Leader in Aerial Work Platform Training?

Kardie  is the trustworthy partner when it comes to purchasing, renting, or maintaining the equipment you need to get the job done. We don’t just say that your safety is our number-one priority; we mean it. That’s why we’re serious about giving comprehensive, advanced aerial work platform training—both in-classroom and on-site—to all operators before they use our equipment, including emergency procedures, troubleshooting tactics, and safe practices for operating and driving. Here’s what our training courses look like:


  • “Flight Training” aka Basket Controls (20 hour course): Are you an “Bare Rental” customer who will be up in the basket flying the boom? We’re here to assist you through the training to make sure you can masterfully operate the basket controls, as well as all other tasks necessary to performing this function safely every single time. With a Kardie Equipment certified trainer in the basket beside you during training, we’ll be there to oversee every aspect of training, including outrigger setup, cradling/un-cradling of the booms, and troubleshooting along the way.
  • Operator Training (40 hour course): This training teaches all the skills you’ll need to know for masterfully operating a Bronto aerial work platform and renting it Bare (without any Kardie personnel on-site). In addition to the Flight Training mentioned above, you’ll also learn how to perform routine daily, weekly and monthly maintenance on a Bronto, as well as troubleshooting skills and component identification in case small repairs are necessary.
  • Mechanical Training (40 hour course): If you need a deep dive into diagnosis and maintaining a Bronto this course is a must. After completing the two above mentioned courses this course will allow mechanics to properly repair and troubleshoot issues. The mechanical training course comes as an optional add-on with the purchase of the Kardie K.A.R.E.S. program.
  • Annual Recertification Training (20 hour course): We believe that safety is an ongoing priority, and we should never get too comfortable with sophisticated equipment as a Bronto Skylift—because that’s when accidents happen. That’s why we require this annual refresher training for customers who have already been operating a Bronto Skylift for at least one year. 

Kardie Equipment: A Trusted Partner in Aerial Work Platform Training
and Equipment

From construction to utility to refineries, and plenty more, workers from many industries rely on Kardie Equipment to keep them safe and efficient on the job site. We’re honored to be able to serve these workers, and that’s why we offer only the best and safest equipment. The AWPs we rent, lease, sell, and maintain are all manufactured exclusively from Bronto Skylift, the global market leader in truck mounted, hydraulic aerial work platforms. Bronto Skylifts have been specifically built to meet all North American DOT regulations, ANSI standards, and OSHA requirements. If you’re in the market to rent, lease, or buy an AWP, contact us for more information—we’d be honored to help give you the peace of mind you deserve on the jobsite.


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