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Kardie Equipment at a Texas CITGO Refinery

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As the global market leader of aerial work platforms at heights of 150 feet and up to 295 feet, we help workers who need to be lifted to heights during a typical workday—and we do that by providing equipment that’s safe and efficient. In fact, our Bronto Skylifts have passed the strictest standards of safety and efficiency—earning the trust of countless industries, from transmission and distribution to construction and refineries. And that kind of broad industry trust has afforded us an opportunity we’re really proud of. Recently, we had the chance to partner with CITGO to provide access during their turnaround at the West Lake site in Louisiana. Here’s how it went.

Kardie Equipment and CITGO: A Partnership for a Safer and More Efficient Turnaround

It was that time again. CITGO—a US refinery for transportation fuels, lubricants, petrochemicals and other industrial products—was due for another scheduled turnaround. They needed to shut down portions of the plant and quickly complete their maintenance so they could get the refinery back up and running without any unnecessary downtime. They knew that Kardie Equipment had an esteemed reputation for AWP safety, so they called on us to provide flare tip access. 

We were onsite at the West Lake, LA refinery for 2.5weeks. While employees and contractors of the refinery performed the necessary work on the flare, the Kardie team performed all the operation of the Bronto 295 HLA (pictured above) basket alongside CITGO’s boom truck crane. 

CITGO was extremely pleased with the job we did for them, reporting: “A job well done. The Bronto worked very well, and the employees were very professional and courteous.I highly recommend using on future projects.”

Curious why they were so satisfied with the Bronto Skylift and the work of Kardie Equipment team members?

  1. Safety: CITGO was using a crane to lift the parts and sections of the flare tower that needed to be replaced. And while cranes work well for moving materials, that’s about all they’re good for. Whereas cranes are designed and engineered only to lift materials, Bronto Skylifts are specifically designed and engineered to lift people. They’re much more stable than a regular crane, which makes them a safer working alternative. 
  2. Footprint: Bronto Skylifts are truck-mounted AWPs on American chassis of the highest caliber. Each of our units has been married to a chassis after much thought and deliberation from the Kardie team. That combination of Bronto and chassis is designed to be comparatively compact and lightweight when you look at other bulky equipment like cranes and scaffolding.
  3. Convenience: Inside the basket, a Bronto Skylift is equipped with electrical outlets, so workers can plug in a power tool any time they need one. Bronto Skylifts are also equipped with a wind speed sensor that’s mounted onto the basket that gives real-time readings of wind speeds and even sounds a warning alarm to workers if wind speeds rise over 31 mph.

Need a Lift Rental, or Searching for an AWP to Buy for Your Worksite?

It’s no wonder why so many workers and industries choose Bronto Skylifts to keep them safe and help them do their work more efficiently—Brontos have safety and efficiency features that outrival those of any other crane or man basket on the market today. If you need to rent, lease, or buy a safe, reliable aerial work platform for your worksite, contact us today. We’ll make sure you can reach the heights that you need to safely and efficiently every time.


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