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Employee Spotlight, Q3 2019: Tate Rhoads


Meet Tate! His first year with Kardie Equipment (TGM Wind) has been an impressive one, Kyler (Tate) Rhoads earning him the Employee Spotlight prize for Q3 of 2019. From Baird, Texas, 20 miles east of Abilene, Tate is a Crew Lead who oversees two to three operators on any given project. At just 20 years old, he is always making sure that everything is running smoothly, from keeping regular contact with the customers to taking said customers up for blade repairs, and everything in between.

Working in the wind industry for the first time with TGM, Tate has enjoyed learning about the benefits of the Bronto Skylift. He appreciates how safe and versatile they are, and how they can be utilized by a variety of industries, even those outside of wind. Every industry can benefit from the impressive heights that our Brontos reach! Tate attributes his success within TGM thus far to his perseverance and work ethic. And of course, it doesn’t hurt that he isn’t afraid of heights!

When Tate isn’t working hard on various work sites across the country, he’s out fishing, hunting, or dancing! He’s not picky about where he spends his time, just as long as he is doing the things that he loves. A dream of his is to do said activities somewhere in Montana, where he can hike up into the mountains and see the incredible views. Top each day off with a good steak (medium rare) and you’ve got his perfect vacation!

Tate has been very grateful for his first year with Kardie and has enjoyed working for the team. He says that it’s just like working with a family. For more information on the Kardie/TGM Wind family, check out our other Employee Spotlight blog posts.


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