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Employee Spotlight, November 2018: Keith Timms

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Meet Keith! As the Asset Manager for Kardie Equipment (TGM Wind Services), he manages our Abilene shop and oversees the annual maintenance and repairs on our Bronto fleet. In addition, he handles all tech support concerns, orders parts for the Bronto vehicles, and occasionally helps with logistics and repairs. “Timms,” as he is called by his friends and colleagues, first joined the company nine and a half years ago, but he has long been involved in the heavy equipment and trucking industry. Luckily, he isn’t afraid of heights!

Keith appreciates his work with Bronto because he admires the exceptional engineering and the advanced quality of the safety features. He strongly believes that there are a lot of companies out there that would benefit from the Kardie service, in a large number of industries.


Outside of his work at Kardie, Timms enjoys spending his time camping and fishing. He also considers pizza and steak to be the two foods that no one should ever be without. If he could spend one week anywhere in the world, it would be somewhere sunny: an island in the Caribbean or on the beautiful beaches of Belize.


Keith loves a lot of things about working at Kardie, but his favorite is the family atmosphere. No matter what, he is always able to sit down and talk with his colleagues, and together they can discuss solutions and strategies to ensure that they are continuously providing the highest quality of service to all Kardie customers.

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