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Employee Spotlight February 2019: Lugene Ellis

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Meet Lugene! As a Crew Lead for Kardie Equipment (TGM Wind), he takes pride in providing top-notch customer service and the best experience possible for everyone on the team.

He always makes sure that customers are happy and satisfied, and that everyone involved in the project at hand always feels safe going about their work. He’s always keeping an eye out for his coworkers, and as a team they know they can always rely on each other.

Hitting his 6 year anniversary at the beginning of May, Lugene has had an unforgettable time at TGM and loves working in the industry. He’s gained an incredible wealth of knowledge about wind turbines and the Bronto Skylift, and he has traveled more around the country and the world than he could have ever imagined.

Lugene Ellis

He’s not afraid of heights; on the contrary, one of his favorite parts of working for Kardie is the opportunity to access views that are only available to those 300 feet in the air. The average person can’t see sights like that every day, and throughout his time here, Lugene has remained grateful for every one of those moments up in the sky.

As everyone on the Kardie staff knows, Lugene loves to eat! He considers it one of his favorite hobbies...especially when it involves steak and potatoes, his favorite meal. And nothing would make that meal more perfect than if it took place in his favorite city: Las Vegas.

Other hobbies of Lugene’s include site-seeing, shopping, reading, watching sports (particularly the Warriors and the Cowboys), and going to barbecues. He also loves spending time with his TGM coworkers and of course partaking in a little bit of gambling when out and about in his favorite city.

Lugene is incredibly appreciative of all of the experiences he has had throughout the last six years with Kardie Equipment / TGM Wind Services. He wants to give a special thanks to Keith Darby, Director of Operations, and Kevin Darby, CEO, for giving him the opportunity to change his life in a number of positive ways.

For more Kardie Equipment Employee Spotlights and articles on Bronto Skylift, please visit our blog at www.kardieequipmnet.com/blog.




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