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Employee Spotlight, December 2018: Johnny Rodriguez

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  • Employee Spotlight, December 2018: Johnny Rodriguez

Johnny Rodriguez

Meet Johnny! As a Crew Lead for Kardie Equipment/TGM Wind Services, it’s up to him to make sure the Brontos are 100% ready for action.


He also verifies that everyone has the supplies they need, and that all involved are operating safely. Three years ago, Johnny was introduced to the company by a friend, who recommended that Johnny apply to TGM. When he did, it was an exciting whirlwind of interviews, a job offer, and a trip to Oklahoma for training.

If anyone is a staunch believer that one can never overcome a fear of heights, all they would need to do is talk to Johnny! When he first began working for TGM, he was not a fan of being very far off the ground. But as he worked more and more jobs, he went higher and higher, and now the view is something that he looks forward to! And it didn’t hurt that he had a healthy support system of colleagues encouraging him to overcome his apprehension.

He also feels comfortable being up in the Bronto because he knows how incredibly well-made they are, and had no qualms as to his safety up in the air, despite their extensive reach. Funnily enough, when Johnny tries to share his journey with overcoming his fear of heights, most people underestimate how high the Brontos go!

Outside of work, Johnny loves spending time with his big, open, family, particularly with his siblings: an older sister and younger brother. But even considering how much he loves his family and community, he yearns to one day hop on over to the other side of the world, and check out the great city of Dubai. Let’s see if a Bronto can get up to one of those skyscrapers!

Congratulations again to Johnny for winning this month’s coveted title. He has shown time and again that he is an exemplary employee who is respected by his supervisors and peers alike.

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