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Bronto Skylift Hydraulic Platforms

Whether you work in Construction, Energy, or any other industry, you know that time is money. Inefficient and hard-to-use tools add time to a project, which can result in costly delays, budget overruns, and high labor costs.

A typical manlift structure (e.g. scissor lifts, cranes with man baskets, and scaffolding) takes time to set up and operate—and still poses safety risks for the workers that use it.

Enter the hydraulic aerial work platform. Unlike alternative manlift systems, a truck-mounted hydraulic platform like the Bronto Skylift can be used to lift workers to work sites safely and more effectively. Brontos can move crew members horizontally and can be operated in a variety of different environments, including in areas with high winds. They take just minutes to set up, and can be driven on and off road for more convenient access.

And best of all, they’re designed specifically to lift workers in the safest way possible.

That means you won’t have to spend time and resources to create a critical lift plan to ensure the safety of your workers. Below, we’ll go over the benefits of using a truck-mounted hydraulic platform over other types of lift equipment and explain why Brontos are the best option.

How the Bronto Stacks Up Against Other Lifts

The Bronto, a sophisticated truck-mounted hydraulic platform offers unparalleled advantages over alternative lift structures in terms of their safety, efficiency, and convenience. Here’s how they compare to other commonly-used man lifts.

  • Scissor lift: Most scissor lifts are only built to move up and down, not horizontally. The Bronto Skylift aerial work platform is built with a hydraulic arm that articulates around structures and obstacles. That means your team spends less time re-positioning the lift to move it into the right position.
  • Crane and man-baskets: Since a crane is designed to move materials, not people, using it as a manlift can present serious safety challenges. Not to mention the hours it takes to assemble the crane and add counterweights. Brontos adhere to both North American ANSI 92.2 standards and OSHA requirements. There’s no need to develop a critical lift plan when using a Bronto, saving your team time and money, and improving worker safety at the same time.
  • Scaffolding: Scaffolding can take weeks or even months to set up and disassemble. All while exposing workers to at-height risks associated with working off the ground. The Bronto can park, un-cradle and be up and working height in just 15 minutes, which can have a major impact on project timelines.
  • Cherry Pickers: The hydraulic aerial work platform can extend much higher than a cherry picker, typically 3-4 times higher than the truck-mounted Cherry Pickers. The Bronto can rotate 360 degrees, while the Cherry Picker is limited to its straight stick movement. Our fleet of Bronto lifts range from 150 feet up to 295 feet.
  • Bucket trucks: Similar to the limitation of the Cherry Picker, bucket trucks have a narrow reach capability with no articulation. Unlike a bucket truck, a Bronto can be operated in high winds, uneven ground conditions and reach from 0 to 295 feet, making it the most sought after aerial work platform available.

While other lift systems have their place, when it comes to lifting workers to hard-to-reach places, the Bronto is the clear winner.

Safety Comparison Chart

Benefits of a Hydraulic Access Platform

There are three major benefits that the hydraulic access platform offers over alternative lift equipment: efficiency, safety, and reliability.

  • Sets up in minutes. While scaffolding and other lift solutions take time to set up, Bronto's aerial work platforms can be set up and taken down in a matter of minutes, helping you save time and money.
  • Drives to the work site location. While equipment not mounted to a truck like scissor lifts has to be flat-decked and hauled to the site, Bronto’s machines can be driven to the site so that people can get to work quickly.
  • Gives you access to hard-to-reach areas. The Bronto telescopic boom can reach horizontally out to 131 feet and down to -50 feet with a 360-degree rotation, giving you access to places that were previously impossible to reach.
  • Reaches greater heights. While other equipment maxes out at 185 feet, Bronto’s aerial lift platforms give you greater reach, with some models reaching up to 295 feet.
  • Safer than alternative lift solutions. The Bronto hydraulic platform was designed with human safety in mind, making it safer than alternatives that were designed to lift equipment and materials.
  • Equipped with backup battery system. The Bronto hydraulic platform has a backup battery system to ensure no worker is left in the air if the unit should ever run out of fuel.
  • Contains even more safety backup. The manual hydraulic bleed down system can be used to lower the platform if the battery backup system is depleted.
  • Operates in high winds. While alternative equipment like swing-stages or JLG’s are grounded in high winds, the Bronto can safely operate in wind speeds up to 31 mph.
  • Stable and secure. Brontos are equipment with four auto-leveling outriggers that extend out to provide the stable base for safe and stable aerial operation. With some Bronto models, these outriggers can be half-jacked to fit into narrow streets or confined areas.
  • Built to last. Each model from Bronto is designed to last for the long haul—up to 20 years, to be exact.
  • Prevents downtime on the job. HOLT Aerial will perform regular inspections and maintenance on machines to reduce downtime and maximize up-time.
  • Quicker fixes for equipment. By remotely connecting to the Bronto, HOLT Aerial can tell what kind of repairs are needed immediately so that they can send a technician to fix it quickly with the right tools AND parts...the first time.

Want to purchase a Bronto hydraulic aerial work platforms? Rent or purchase Brontos from HOLT Aerial to benefit from ultimate safety and efficiency. Contact us to learn more about your options or request a quote today.