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What’s It Like Inside a Bronto Skylift Platform?KardiCOTA-16-681782-edited-702631-edited

A Bronto Skylift is not your average aerial work platform. Thanks to the top-tier engineering and innovative technology powering the Bronto Skylift, it’s one of the safest and most reliable man lifts that money can buy. And that makes for a completely unique experience when you’re standing on the platform. Curious to find out what it’s like? Step right up and hop on board for a virtual tour of the Bronto Skylift. 

An Aerial Platform Truck with a Fifteen-Minute Setup

Unlike other man lifts on the market, a Bronto Skylift has an incredibly simple setup design. In fact, the entire setup time takes less than 15 minutes. Once the outriggers have extended and the boom has been uncradled and safely raised to a working position—all from a simple push of a few buttons—it’s time to get your project started.

Smooth Boom Movements

If you’ve ever ridden in the basket of a Genie, a JLG, or a scissor lift, you’ve probably felt the “jerking” of the booms extending or collaping.  But one of the first things you’ll notice in a Bronto Skylift is the smoothness of the boom movements. Because of the pressure switches between each boom sleeve, the movements are fluid and virtually undetectable, making the ride comfortable and effortless, like an elevator traveling between floors.

A Safe Ride Every Time

When you’re standing on the platform of a Bronto Skylift, you can’t help but feel safe—and that’s because you are. Bronto Skylifts are designed with cage load and proximity sensors that detect the load in the basket and nearby objects. 

It works like this: if you’re maneuvering toward a building or structure or getting too close to the ground, those proximity sensors will stop you and trigger an audible alarm. If you need to continue toward that building or structure, you’ll have to first press a button engaging “turtle mode” at the operator station that forces you to acknowledge there is something coming in close. This protects both the basket and operator to make sure both are safe from collision.

That’s not all that’s protecting you and your crew from accidents. Bronto Skylifts also features two built-in emergency descent systems. That means if you’re 200 feet in the air and the engine turns off (out of fuel for example), you can engage the battery back-up system.  Should that fail as well (highly unlikely), there is a manual hydraulic bleed-down to maneuver the platform safely to the ground. 

Bronto Skylifts also have basket-weight ratings and platform auto leveling. How does that work? The whole time you’re in the basket and maneuvering the booms, the platform is actually staying level to the ground at all times, constantly moving to keep you level. 

When you’re inside a Bronto Skylift platform, you’re safe in high winds, too. Bronto Skylifts feature a wind speed sensor (anemometer) in the basket, allowing the operators to work longer as bad weather approaches and decent quickly before the windy weather arrives.  The audible alarm will sound if the wind speeds are higher than sustained 31 mph.Great view from the top

Easy Tool and Hose Hookup

Once inside the Bronto Skylift platform, you’ve got everything you need at your fingertips. That’s because the Bronto Skylift AWP can power electric tools (110 v power outlets) and two 5/8 lines for water (cleaning) and air (pneumatic tools).

A generator on the deck of the Bronto Skylift sends power to the basket, which features 110 volts of power available. So, anytime a crew member needs to use a drill, saw, or grinder, there are outlets readily available. Need to use air or water? Our non insulated units have platforms that feature two lines running through the “cat-track” inside the boom sections, so that workers can plug in an air compressor or a water tank at ground level and send that air or water up to the basket. For pressure washing, simply run water from the ground through the booms and pressure wash from the basket. 

Need an Aerial Work Platform to Raise Your Workers to Heights?

Here at Kardie Equipment, we’re the global market leader in AWPs at heights of 150 feet and up to 295 feet. Our Bronto Skylifts feature elite designs and innovative technology that have broken world records as the safest AWP on the market today. 

In the market to rent a Bronto Skylift? Thanks to our recent partnership with United Rentals, you can now rent a new or used Bronto Skylift from Kardie Equipment directly through your United Rentals account. Simply contact us here or contact United Rentals, and a representative will take care of renting it for you, even with operators included! We’ll make sure that your team scales to heights as safely and efficiently as possible, every time.



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