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Used Skylift Rental Guide: Why and Where to Rent Used Skylifts

BI CITGO Oct 2019_2Do you have some big jobs coming up and need a safe, mobile alternative to cranes, bucket trucks, and scaffolding? Regardless of the industry you work in, aerial work platforms (AWPs) help raise you to heights safely. Curious whether this heavy-duty equipment is the right choice for you and your team? Here’s everything you need to know about used AWPs, including what makes them so safe and where to rent them for your work site.

What Are Sky Lifts?

Aerial lifts. Boom trucks. Boom lifts. Hydraulic platforms. Man lifts. Aerial trucks. Boom trucks. Construction lifts. There are many names to describe a mobile aerial work platform. What really matters is that these pieces of equipment are a safer alternative for workers than scaffolding, cherry pickers, scissor lifts, or Genie lifts. 

Here at Kardie Equipment, safety is our number-one priority, which is why we offer equipment exclusively from Finland-based manufacturer Bronto Skylift. Bronto Skylift has been manufacturing their AWPs for more than 50 years, featuring inventive technology that has broken world records as the safest AWP on the market today. Here’s why a Bronto Skylift is the best choice for your work site.

  • Reliability. Bronto Skylifts are specifically designed to meet all ANSI standards, and OSHA requirements. They meet elite safety standards and are time-tested in rigorous conditions to ensure the safety and protection of your workers. If an issue ever arises, we can immediately remote into the machine and diagnose the problem, using our 24/7 parts and service hotline. A repairman will quickly arrive at your job site to fix the issue as quickly as possible.

  • Efficiency. Unlike crane and man-baskets or scissor lifts, Bronto AWPs can be set up in minutes, which gives you more time to get the job done. You can also drive them to and from work sites, unlike Genie lifts and scissor lifts, which aren’t truck mounted. They’re also off-road friendly and won’t tip over on uneven surfaces. 

  • Safety. Cranes are designed to lift materials, not people. When you attach a man-basket to a crane, it increases the risk of serious injury. However, Bronto Skylifts were designed specifically to carry and support people, which makes them a much safer option. With smooth boom movements and automatic leveling, you won’t ever experience a shaky ride to the ground. Here are just some of the safety features of a Bronto Skylift:
    • Bronto baskets can withstand winds up to 31 mph.
    • A wind speed indicator and alarm keeps operators alert.
    • Redundant backup operating systems and two emergency descent systems give peace of mind.
    • Bronto man lifts include emergency stop functions from the work platform, ground control, and outrigger control center.
    • Multiple backup battery systems ensure no crew member is ever stuck at height.
  • Meets Rigorous Standards
    • Bronto Skylift equipment is fully certified by ANSI, the American National Standards Institute. This includes a comprehensive annual inspection of each of our trucks for structural components and safety standards.
    • All Kardie Equipment operators receive advanced training to match or exceed criteria of Bronto Skylift and OSHA. Training includes emergency procedures, troubleshooting tactics, and safe practices for operating and driving.

Looking for Used Sky Lifts for Sale or Rent?

Here at Kardie Equipment, we rent, lease, maintain, and sell Bronto Skylifts. And thanks to our recent partnership with United Rentals, you can now rent a Bronto Skylift directly through your United Rentals representative. Simply contact us here or get in touch with United Rentals and they will take care of renting it to you, even with operators included! No matter what your industry, we’ll make sure you can reach the heights that you need to safely and efficiently every single time.


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