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Bronto Skylift Most Valuable Features

What makes the Bronto Skylift different from other Aerial Work Platforms? Why are they so much better and more versatile?

KardiCOTA-50One of the characteristics that make operating a Bronto Skylift so comfortable is the fact that are reliably stable at increased heights. That plus the incredibly smooth boom movements, means Bronto has a winning combination that makes them the most sought after AWP in the world.

Bronto does an excellent job developing the software for the basket to be able to “auto-level”. While this action is carried out by the hydraulic systems, the origin and basis of this function is calculated within the software. The Bronto computer is constantly adjusting itself to ensure that who or whatever material is occupying the basket is kept level, regardless of the boom orientation.

Another component to keep in mind is the deceleration ramping of boom movements. If you are moving the joystick in the direction to extend the second boom out and you suddenly let go of the joystick, the booms do not come to an abrupt stop, unlike those of our competitors. They actually feather to a stop, making for a more gradual movement.

The presence and stability of the outriggers also contribute to the unique quality of the Bronto Skylifts. The four outriggers extend out to nearly 21 feet, elevating the entire chassis off the ground and stabilizing the aerial at any height. Not to mention, the cold-rolled boom sleeves are designed to flex, which prevents the weld seams from cracking under load. TGM-0680

The Bronto baskets can also handle winds up to 26 mph, meaning you are able to work in windy conditions. Or, if you’re up in the air and a storm suddenly hits, you can feel confident in the Bronto’s ability to get that basket down to the ground safely.

These are just a small number of reasons to choose Brontos over any other AWPs on the market. For more information on the benefits of Bronto, please contact us.

Special thanks to Keith Darby, Director of Operations, and Jason Baker, Director of Sales & Marketing, for their input.


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