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Why Are Bronto AWPs A Good Substitute for Scissor Lifts?

IPAF has warned festival organisers not to attach banners to scissor lifts due to wind-related dangers.

Scissor lifts. They’ve been used across countless different industries for years and are especially helpful due to their small footprint for access tight spaces. 

However, just because they’ve been used for years doesn’t mean they’re the most efficient—and, most importantly, the safest—option for you and your workers. In fact, when compared with Bronto aerial work platforms, scissor lifts fall short in many different categories.

Have we piqued your interest yet? Here’s why Bronto Skylifts are a great substitute for scissor lifts. 

You need an AWP that’s efficient.

If you’re working in an industry that requires regular use of an aerial work platform, you need advanced, cutting-edge equipment to help make the most of your time up in the air. When you’re working with a traditional scissor lift, however, you are restricted because there is no horizontal reach, which means you must be parked directly beside or underneath the project.  Scissor lift also have lower basket weight capacity (often by 500-800lbs) and can only maneuver on flat, compact, even surfaces (best on asphalt like a roadway). Most projects don’t have this luxury. There’s also the mobility factor—or lack thereof. Because scissor lifts aren’t mounted to a truck, they can’t be driven to their work location. The bottom line is that scissor lifts restrict the amount of work you can do in more ways than one. 

Thankfully, this is where Bronto AWPs swoop in to save the day. These state-of-the-art AWPs are truck mounted, so they can be driven wherever you need to go during your workday. Even more impressive, they can be set up and safely running in just 15 minutes. Plus, with a 360-degree reach and smooth telescopic boom sleeve extension, they can easily adjust to adapt to more complex projects. With no restrictions to limit your time or mobility, a Bronto AWP saves both time and money.

You need an AWP that’s safe.

Here at Kardie Equipment, we know that safety is your number-one priority on the job—because it’s ours, too. 

Unfortunately, scissor lifts are known for having a number of safety issues, including lift tipping. This can occur when the scissor lift is placed on an uneven surface, like soft dirt, mulch, or gravel, causing the lift to fall over, which can result in serious injuries and even fatalities. Overall, scissor lifts lack the outriggers required to meet many jobsite safety standards.

Bronto Skylifts, however, have been continually developed with cutting-edge features and time-tested in the most rigorous conditions. Each aerial work platform we rent, lease, sell, or maintain has been manufactured exclusively by global industry leader Bronto Skylift and holds one of the highest safety records and EMR ratings in the industry.

Their advanced engineering and heavy-duty durability make Bronto AWPs the safest and most reliable equipment on the market. Here are just some of the innovative safety features that guarantee protection for you and your workers:

    • Smooth boom movements and automatic leveling
    • Multiple backup operating systems for emergency descent
  • Rigid work platforms permanently attached to the telescopic boom
  • Bronto baskets that can withstand winds up to 31 mph
  • Intercom-activated intercom between the basket and ground
  • Cage load sensor and overload alarm
  • Wind speed indicator and alarm
  • Emergency stop functions from the work platform, ground control, and outrigger control center

From construction, utility and refineries, and plenty more, it’s no wonder why so many safety managers across all industries choose Bronto Skylifts to keep them safe and help do their work more efficiently. If you’re in the market to rent, lease, or buy an AWP, contact us for more information—we’d be honored to help give you the peace of mind you deserve on the job site.


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