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Bronto Skylifts and Their Unexpected Applications

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We asked the experts: What are some surprising industries and applications for the Bronto Skylift?


Keith Darby, Director of Operations:

Keith Darby“I think people would be surprised to know that Brontos are really valuable in the sports industry. Over the years we have used our equipment in multiple Red Bull Air Races, where pilots fly planes through a challenging obstacle course, as well as Golf Tournaments, where we lift the cameramen filming the events for broadcast purposes.

One thing the cameramen are always impressed with is the stability of the basket at heights. Any movement of their camera affects the overall quality of the shot, so to be 200 feet in the air and have a stable platform to film off of was crucial.

Another benefit on these jobs was the minimal setup and tear down time of our units. If the cameraman didn't like a current location then we could come down, move to another location and get set back up within minutes. This flexibility allows the customer to make sure they get the best possible shot they can. AWPs are used all over the world on the professional golf circuit, and often there are multiple units scattered out around the course. Once I found this out I started noticing AWPs in the background of every televised tournament when golfer's were getting prepared to hit their next shot.

Also, AWPs have been used at NASCAR racing events for filming purposes because they can give a cameraman a good vantage point being so high to where he can see a lot of the racing action from one particular spot.”


Jason Baker, Director of Sales & Marketing:

“I think our work on bridges is pretty surprising. With our negative reach over water or highways, it’s a lot easier to do inspections, painting, construction (welding) with a Bronto than it is to do without one. That same thought applies to naval work: performing tasks from a pier or dock and reaching up and out to access sailboat masts.

Jason Baker - Director of Sales & MarketingAnd then there’s aviation: who changes the light inside the hangar or cleans the ceiling…we do.

One of my favorite uses is window cleaning: in the middle of a crowded downtown city, we can half jack the Bronto and quickly clean office tower windows faster or on historic buildings that don’t have basket tie-off points on the roof.

Last but not least is the horizontal reach.  The new XR units have up to 131 ft of side reach which is ideal when parking immediately next to the object you want to work on isn’t suitable for parking. The Bronto can access a much larger radius of work from one position which decrease setup and tear-down time to re-position the truck which ultimately speeds up the job to finish ahead of schedule.”



Thank you to Keith and Jason for your insight. For more information on the Kardie Equipment Bronto Skylifts, check out our other blog posts or give us a call at (888) 958-0499.





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