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Best Lifting Solution for Refineries

IMG_0508 biggerThe oil and gas industry is enormous. Contrary to popular belief, the number of O&G projects in the US has continued to rise. In fact, since 2008, US crude oil and gas production has shot up 150% to 12.3 million b/d and 60% to 90 Bcf/d respectively. And as a worker at an oil and gas refinery, you know just how important it is that the equipment you use is safe and efficient enough to keep you in line for more jobs.

Whether it’s general day-to-day production or an urgent turnaround or shutdown—which requires ultimate efficiency, even in the chaotic working conditions of having so many new personnel on site during a turnaround—you need manlifts that will keep your team safe and your working conditions smooth. Here are the top reasons why Bronto Skylifts are the best lift equipment for oil and gas refineries.

Bronto Skylifts Offer Unmatchable Efficiency

In a refinery, space can often be limited, which restricts the amount of work that can be done simply and quickly. Man baskets or cranes don’t offer much in this regard, since their long boom arms don’t accommodate smaller spaces and their chassis have a large footprint. But with impressive boom maneuverability and comparatively compact and lightweight chassis, Bronto Skylifts are the perfect equipment for oil and gas industry workers who operate in hard-to-reach spaces.

The efficiency of a Bronto Skylift isn’t limited to maneuverability, either. Unlike stationary scaffolding, Bronto Skylifts can increase productivity by eliminating the setup and tear-down time associated with scaffolding. That’s because a Bronto Skylift can be driven on-site and taken up to working heights in as little as 15 minutes—and the tear-down can be performed in the same amount of time. Compare that with the hours or even days that it takes to set up cranes or weeks and often months to erect scaffolding, the more efficient choice is obvious.

Bronto Skylifts Are the Safest Aerial Work Platforms on the Market

Bronto Skylifts are a safer replacement for exposed ladders and scaffolding, and for the crane-and-man baskets that can cause accidents in refineries. Why? Crane and man baskets are engineered to handle materials, not people, which means they lack the safety standards to protect human lives. And self-propelled AWPs such as Genies and JLG lifts are not truck mounted, which makes them much less stable. Here are just a couple of the top safety features of Bronto Skylifts.

  • On-demand remote in-basket intercom. This voice-activated feature channels your intercom system to the ground below as soon as you speak. In the event of an emergency, this on-demand feature could save the life of a worker who has been injured, since they won’t even have to leave the basket to call for help.
  • In-basket air and water supply. The environment of a refinery often requires workers to wear respirators and chemical suits, which makes having an in-basket air supply a potential lifesaver in the event of an emergency. This is particularly true if you need to access either the water or the air supply without turning off the processing plant. A Bronto Skylift lets you access both supply systems without causing a moment of downtime, making it more efficient and safer too. 

There are plenty more safety features of the Bronto Skylift that make it a perfect choice, including dual emergency descent systems, multiple backup operating systems, cage load sensor and overload alarm, a wind speed indicator and alarm, and many more. 

If you’re ready to rent, lease, or buy an efficient and reliable aerial work platform for your worksite, we’re here to help you improve your worksite safety conditions. Contact us at Kardie Equipment and we’ll make sure that you’re workers are protected—and that you get the job done right.


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