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Best Construction Lifts in the Industry

When you’re preparing to lift personnel on the job site, you need to know that the lifting equipment you’re using is safe, reliable, and efficient. Unfortunately, many traditional construction man lifts are either time-consuming to construct (i.e crane & man-basket) or too short for many projects.

However, a truck-mounted aerial construction lift, like the ones manufactured by Bronto Skylift and rented or leased by HOLT Aerial, offer superior speed and maneuverability all while keeping our team safe on the job site during all phases of the construction project.

Bronto AWPs are safer and more efficient than traditional methods of access like:

  • JLG’s
  • Scissor lifts
  • Bucket trucks
  • Genie lifts
  • Scaffolding
  • Any crane with a man-basket attachment or swing stage

HOLT Aerial leads the way on construction sites across the country. We rent, lease, sell, and maintain the Bronto AWPs for customers in the Utility, Oil & Gas, Telecommunication and Transportation sectors for new construction, upgrades or improvements and demolition.

As leaders in the industry, we already service many of the large construction companies and EPCM’s today. Construction and demolition companies utilize the Bronto Skylift for work on anything from building skyscrapers and bridges to roads, and everything in between.

So why should you look no further than the Bronto for any lifting needs on your job site?

Benefits of the Bronto

Bronto’s aerial work platforms offer incredible benefits to any construction industry customer for these reasons:

Quick Setup
  • All Bronto AWPs can be set up and ready in 15 minutes. Other typical construction job site methods of access like scaffolding for rent today can take weeks, or even months to set up properly.
  • Construction scaffolding is also very dangerous to erect and tear down, not to mention time-consuming and costly - Brontos eliminate the need for this entirely.
Get Anywhere
  • Bronto AWPs can be driven, but Genie, JLG and Scissor lifts are not truck-mounted and cannot driven to the job site and have to be hauled to the job site (which is expensive).
  • The Bronto can go off-road: the HLA models have 6 axle all-steer, all-drive chassis, making them the most versatile all-terrain aerial work platform.
  • Brontos are manufactured to last for 20 years.
  • HOLT Aerial performs regular inspections and maintenance in the field and annual maintenance at our main facility in Abilene, TX.
  • HOLT Aerial can remotely diagnose the Bronto. Technicians know exactly what needs to be repaired, with what part(s) and dispatch immediately. This eliminates downtime on your job site.
Ready for Any Job
  • The Bronto can supply power for a variety of equipment and tools in the basket, eliminating dangerous cords and cables hanging down from the basket.
  • There is internal power, and lines run up through the booms to the basket, supplying power to plug in tool electric or pneumatic tools or to supply water or air..
Higher/Wider Reach
  • Genie & JLG’s max out between 165 feet to 185 feet.
  • Of the 23 different Bronto rental units, 14 models reach as high as 295 feet. That’s 110 feet higher than any other man lift.
  • The Bronto XR can reach 131 feet horizontally with continuous 360 degree rotation.
  • Brontos can also reach down. With up to 50 feet of negative reach, we can access under bridges while parked on top!
  • The Bronto’s continuous 360 degrees rotation and articulating booms means less repositioning of the unit.

Safety Is The Number One Benefit of HOLT Aerial's Aerial Work Platforms!

Designed for People

Unlike other typical man lifts for construction projects, the Bronto can move both people and materials using its 800 pound jib winch.

Safety of the operators is the top priority:

  • There are multiple tie-off points in the basket to allow for personnel, tooling, and material.
  • Bronto man lifts feature voice-activated basket-to-ground intercom system for added safety.
  • The basket can be extended from 7 feet out to 10 feet with a weight capacity of 1400 pounds.
High Wind Durability and Balance

Scaffolds and crane & man-baskets are not safe in high winds because workers are exposed to the elements. The Bronto does not have this issue and can operate safely in winds up to 31 mph. They also have telescopic booms, which have proven to be safer in high winds, and are more stable with large outriggers compared to other construction lifts.

Additional benefits include:

  • Four outriggers to stabilize the truck
  • Automated leveling system for uneven surfaces and changing ground conditions
  • Advanced operator controls, both in the basket and mounted on deck of the chassis
Safer Setup Time
  • The Bronto sets up in just 15 minutes
  • Quicker set-up means less time for potential injuries and more productivity
Backup Systems
  • Robust battery backup system means workers won’t be stuck in the air
  • Manual hydraulic bleed down system allows operator in the basket the ability to maintain and rescue himself in an emergency
  • 200 KG tie-off points in the basket in the event emergency descent is required
HOLT Aerial Training

When you rent a Bronto, you have the option to rent Bare or Operated. We offer a variety of training products to not only keep your personnel safe but help them “fly” the truck more efficiently.

  • Learn to “fly” the basket
  • Learn to operate the truck from the ground level
  • Learn to repair and maintain the Bronto
  • Annual recertification required

With a long-term BARE rental, you can choose between:

  • Two-day flight training course OR
  • A seven-day operator course for hands-on experience
  • Training can either be done at your jobsite or in our training facility

More training means less accidents and more efficiency. No other AWP equipment rental companies offer this training.

Major Benefit: No Critical Lift Plan Needed

One of the best benefits of the Bronto, and one that proves that the Bronto really is the best lift for construction projects on secure job sites, is that all of these aforementioned features and safety benefits mean that there is no need for a critical lift plan.

  • Critical lift plans are legally required when multiple methods of access and are needed when workers are going to be placed in dangerous situations using a crane and man-basket.
  • They detail how equipment will be used and what safety procedures will be implemented.
  • Many construction companies hire outside consultants to design their CLP.
  • They are extremely time-consuming and often expensive.

However, Brontos are designed with worker’s safety as the top priority, and because they have so many functions and excellent reach, there is no need to use multiple lifts.

The Bronto is a machine that can save you time, money, and worry. Designed with the needs and concerns of the construction industry in mind, Bronto Skylifts offer safety, efficiency, and reliability like no other.

Why Rent Your Construction Lift from HOLT Aerial?

State-of-the-art training programs, a diverse fleet of equipment, and the option to rent units operated by one of our experts make us simply the best-equipped provider to meet your construction project needs. 

We have helped hundreds of teams work more safely and efficiently with our Bronto Skylifts. But we don’t just train workers or help handle the equipment—we service all our rental units ourselves and conduct annual inspections to make sure all our construction lifts are working as expected.

We also offer flexible rental agreements that make it easy to reserve your lift for as long as you need it, with both short- and long-term rental rates and leasing programs. We even offer rent-to-own programs for customers who find themselves renting and re-renting Bronto Skylifts. And our partnership with United Rentals means you can reserve and manage payments directly through your existing UR account.

If you’re ready to rent or purchase a Bronto, get a quote today. Contact us to learn more about how the Bronto can help with your construction needs and why they really are the best in the business.